Rock Turns Down Austin’s Podcast Offer?, Update on Recent WWE Tryouts, Xavier Woods’ New Nickname

Rock Turns Down Austin Offer?

According to a fan on Twitter, when asked about The Rock appearing on his podcast, Steve Austin replied by saying "He [Rock] never accepted the invite."

Update on Recent WWE Tryouts

As we noted last week, WWE recently wrapped up a tryout camp down at the Performance Center, and according to only 4-5 were actually asked to do matches at the end of the week. We can confirm that indy names Pepper Parks, Mentallo, Ricochet, Martin Casaus, Bestia 666, Drake Younger and Gaylon Summers were all apart of the tryouts, however we cannot confirm which of them actually worked matches.

Xavier Woods' New Nickname

Following last night's edition of WWE Raw, Xavier Woods is now calling himself "Mr. Steal Ya Girl:"