12/19 TNA Impact Wrestling Results: “Final Resolution” Special, Jeff Hardy vs. Magnus for the World Title, Roode-Angle & More

TNA Impact Wrestling

Dec .19, 2013

impact wrestling-Magnus kicks off Impact backstage, asking some random worker where Jeff Hardy is. He makes his way out to the ring and says that he loves the pro wrestling business. He talks about putting his body through hell and driving thousands of miles for the business, and he's proud of the fact that for five years he's been in TNA. He calls out Jeff Hardy for having drinks with Dixie Carter, and the Charismatic Engima comes down. Magnus says the people may have forgotten, but he remembers Jeff Hardy's "history", and how he sold out in 2010. They get in each others faces and are fired up for tonight's title match. 

2-out-of-3 Falls Match

Kurt Angle vs. Bobby Roode

The two lock up, coming to a stalemate. Kurt Angle tries for the Angle Slam early, but Roode blocks it and again they lock up, breaking even. Angle tries for a trio of German suplexes, but only gets two; Angle hits him with a belly-to-belly instead. Kurt ends up getting another few suplexes, but Roode gets a hold of the referee to break it up. Roode hits a fireman's carry cutter and picks up an early win. 

Bobby Roode wins the first fall. 

As they come back from a commercial break, Angle rolls out of the way of a knee drop, and Roode tweaks his leg. Roode tries for a crossface, but gets caught with the Angle Slam for another pin. 

Kurt Angle wins the second fall. 

Roode locks in a crossface almost immediately, but Angle rolls it into a pin attempt for a two-count. Roode goes back into the crossface, but Kurt gets a hold of his ankle and transitions into the Ankle Lock. Roode almost gets to the ropes, so Angle breaks the hold early and locks in a crossface of his own. Bobby powers out of the hold, but Angle lifts him into the air and comes down another Angle Slam for a count of two. The Ankle Lock is applied again, but Roode rolls through into a pin and holds on to the ropes for leverage, picking up the win. 

Decision: Bobby Roode wins via pinfall.