WWE RAW Results (1/6) – Punk vs Reigns, RAW Goes Old School!


By Bill Pritchard for Wrestlezone.com

January 6th 2014

Ric Flair welcomes everyone to Old School RAW, then Randy Orton comes out and hugs him, telling Flair he has so much respect for him. He says Flair was his mentor and he can't thank him enough, but tonight is about him too, and he thinks Flair agrees that he is the best champion and the greatest star of his generation. Orton says this is his ring so he wants Flair to give him the space to talk, and he's sick of doing things for the fans. He says he already beat John Cena fairly, and he has nothing left to prove so he wants the Authority to undo the announcement they made last week. Flair laughs and says he's not the man, because he was on the road 7 days a week when he was champ, and it's why he has two Hall of Fame rings. Flair congratulates him for beating Cena, but all he's heard lately is Orton cry about a rematch, and he should just do the match.

Orton says it's funny because Flair always had someone watching his back, then he calls him overrated and says he was in his prime 25 years ago. He tells Flair to leave before he gets hurt, but Flair said he's not going anywhere and Orton should shut up and listen to him. Flair says Orton was handpicked for Evolution and he had it all, but he also had a crappy attitude that stuck with him, then Orton says he may kick his old school ass. John Cena cuts them off and says Orton should've consulted the Authority or himself about ther rematch, but he instead went after Flair and if Orton wants to fight, then he's ready for one too. Cena dares him to do something about it, but Orton walks away and holds up his titles as Cena raises Flair's arm in the ring.

Daniel Bryan, Luke Harper & Erick Rowan (w/ Bray Wyatt) vs The Usos & Rey Mysterio

Harper hits Jey a few times before Bryan and Rey square off, then Bryan knees Rey in the face and stomach before Rey counters a scoop slam. Rey knocks him outside as we go to a break, then we get back to see Rowan take Jey down with a fallaway slam before making a tag. Bryan kicks Jey in the corner and chokes him on the ropes, then Rowan runs into a hurricanrana by Rey and Jimmy tags in as Rey hits a 619. Rowan avoids a top rope splash and rolls to his corner, then Bryan and Harper both tag in but Harper makes Bryan go to the apron and Jimmy surprises him with a rollup.

Winners – The Usos & Rey Mysterio