Report: Possible Reason Why Dusty Rhodes Was Not on Raw Old School, Does He Have Backstage WWE Heat?

dusty rhodesAs seen on Raw this week, "The American Dream" Dusty Rhodes did not appear on the Old School themed show, despite being advertised to be there. While the exact reason for his absence has not been confirmed, it might stem from possible backstage heat he has in WWE, reports

Rhodes was last seen on WWE TV late last year when he was involved in the story line with Cody Rhodes and Goldust getting their WWE jobs back. Dusty reportedly went off the script in a promo segment on Raw, and he went so far as to put his hand in Stephanie McMahon's face, which cut her off, and did not allow her to get the best of Rhodes as planned.

Ever since that happened, there is said to be backstage heat on Dusty with WWE management.