FOX Sports Speculates CM Punk’s WWE Walk Out Could Be a Work, Which MMA Company is Interested in Signing Punk?

FOX Sports has published a new article with CM Punk and Legendary Brazilian jiu-jitsu trainer Rener Gracie, during which Gracie tells FOX that Punk has expressed interest in MMA for quite sometime now.

“With the little time he’s had with me spread out over so many years, he’s made remarkable progress,” Gracie told FOX Sports. “There’s no telling how successful he would be if he devoted himself full time to the training.” FOX Sports notes that Bellator MMA, which is owned by Viacom, the same company that owns SpikeTV, home of TNA Wrestling, has expressed interest in signing Punk.

Additionally, the article covers Punk being on the outs with WWE, as well as Punk's Raw walk out this week, and cites an interview Punk did with's Ariel Helwani, during which Punk outlines his issues with WWE. But despite this, the article also speculates that Punk's walk out could be a work, and the following is an excerpt:

Maybe CM Punk will one day dip his toe into MMA, but his reported disagreement with the WWE might end up being a ruse. During the interview with FOX Sports, Gracie got a text from Punk, who said he’ll be in town in a couple of weeks and he wants to roll.

Why would Punk be in California? WWE shows, of course. Raw is in Los Angeles on Feb. 10.