Kurt Angle Telling People He’s Returning to WWE in September?, Hogan Talks How His WWE Return Came About

Angle Talks WWE Return?

Kurt AngleTake this for what it's worth, as nothing has been confirmed by WWE, TNA or Kurt Angle, but WZ received two separate correspondences from readers in attendance at today's Arnold Classic in Columbus, Ohio, and they noted Kurt Angle was telling people he will be returning to WWE in September.

Angle's current TNA deal is set to expire in September of this year, and barring any no-compete clause in his contract he would be able to return to WWE at that time. Angle has been more open in interviews lately about the idea of returning to WWE and finishing his career there, and he has even talked about who he'd like to face in WWE should he make a return.

Hogan Talks How His WWE Return Came About

In a new interview conducted for WWE.com, Hulk Hogan had the following to say how his return to WWE came about:

"Over the last couple years, there'll be texts between Vince and I. "Happy birthday brother!" on August 24th, his birthday. Christmas, Thanksgiving. We'll touch base like that. And then I guess the word got out that I was jobless. I didn't know what I was going to do. I was thinking of going back to playing music or something. On a Tuesday, I was officially out of work. And Friday morning I was drinking my coffee and I hear my cell phone. And it was Triple H. "Hey brother, just checking on you." I'm like, "Hey, dude, I'm just contemplating my navel here. I'm officially out of work, I'm unemployed." And that started us talking. In my heart, I was hoping to come back here. I was hoping to put the period on the end of the sentence and it was the logical extension. It just made so much sense to come back."