Batista DJ Incident Update: Woman Claiming Her Son Was Trampled Was Involved in a 2010 Billy Gunn Sex Scandal

billy gunnAccording to some research and several emails from fans who reside in Winnipeg, it appears as if the mother of the fan whose son was trampled during the Batista DJ Cam Carson incident in Winnipeg is the same woman who was involved in the 2010 Billy Gunn cheating scandal.

Her name is Deborah "Pinky" Simovitch, and she has been involved in pro wrestling related issues in the past.

30 year old Simovitch of Canada told, back in September of 2010, that she became romantically involved with the married Billy Gunn, real name Monty Sopp.

When Sopp's wife uncovered the affair from photos of the couple posted on Facebook, that's when things became serious. Simovitch claimed she received death threats from Sopp's wife, so she started recording her conversations with Sopp and eventually posted them on Youtube.