Update on Jeff Jarrett Wrestling Promotion & Possible Talent Working for Him

toby keith jeff jarrett wrestling promotionAs we reported earlier this week, Jeff Jarrett is expected to make a major announcement about his new wrestling promotion on April 7th, the night after WrestleMania XXX. According to the Wrestling Observer, the expectation is that he will use his connections with the AAA promotion in Mexico to bring in several talents from down South. 

Former WWE & TNA production specialist Kevin Sullivan helped produce the latest video, and is likely on board for the new project. 

Additionally, former WWE developmental talent and indie wrestler Devin Driscoll has been informing people that he will be working with the new Jarrett promotion. both Jeff and Karen made an appearance for his Next Level Wrestling event on March 8th. Driscoll is a former OVW Television Champion, prior to the split between WWE and OVW, and was trained by Dr. Tom Prichard.