Season Premiere Total Divas Viewership Info, The Future of Legends House, Variety Covers New WWE Series

Total Divas Viewership

total divas viewershipThe season 2 premiere of "Total Divas," which aired on Sunday night on The E! Network, drew 1,072,000 viewers. The show failed to rank in the top 100 cable shows for the adult 18-49 demographic.

Future of WWE Legends House

According to, there is already talk in WWE of shooting a second season of Legends House to air on the WWE Network.

Variety Covers New WWE Series has picked up on the new WWE animated series "WWE Slam City", which we reported yesterday will be a 26 episode short-form series, and is noting the following regarding the new series:

After bringing its Hot Wheels brand to life with a kids’ series, Mattel’s in-house studio Playground Productions is looking to attract a younger fanbase to WWE with “Slam City,” a new animated series and toy line.

The first batch of 26 episodes, produced in a stop-motion animated style, are available as two-minute installments on and Maker Studios’ YouTube channel Cartoonium in the U.S., Canada, and the U.K.

The rest of the show will stream on the WWE Network,, Hulu, AOL On, Vudu, iTunes, Kabillion, Google Play, and Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo’s videogame consoles.

In “Slam City,” WWE’s roster of wrestlers are fired by new character The Finisher and forced to find day jobs in Slam City. John Cena becomes a car mechanic, while Randy Orton is a zookeeper, Sheamus is an usher in a movie theater and Alberto Del Rio is a barista in a coffee shop.