WWE Smackdown Results (3/28) – The Shield Fights Twice, Sheamus vs Batista, Big Show vs Wyatt

Smackdown Quick Results: The Shield def 3MB via pinfall – The Shield def Rybaxel via pinfall – Sin Cara def Damien Sandow via pinfallFandango def Goldust via pinfall Sheamus def Batista via DQ The Bella Twins def AJ Lee & Tamina via pinfallJack Swagger def Jimmy Uso via submission Mark Henry def The Miz via pinfallBray Wyatt vs Big Show #wrestlezone

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WWE SmackdownWWE Smackdown Results

March 28th 2014

Report by Bill Pritchard for Wrestlezone.com

Batista comes out and says he left and they begged him to come back, and they booed him when he finally did return. He says he takes issue with them cheering someone like Daniel Bryan, then he says no one will be having fun at Wrestlemania because he is walking out as the champion. Triple H comes out and says they should leave things be, but Batista brings up Stephanie slapping him and says she's the reason for all of it. Batista says HHH wouldn't have anything if he didn't marry Stephanie, but HHH asks why he's concerned with any of it. Batista talks about how HHH has never beaten him, and he says he only came back to win the title, but everyone wants to get in his way. HHH says Batista got spoiled and success went to his head, so he quit and tried to act, but he just went soft and he's not The Animal anymore. HHH says everyone knows what he can do, but Batista needs to show what he's made of, so he can face Sheamus tonight.

The Shield (w/ Roman Reigns) vs 3MB (w/ Heath Slater)

Rollins hits a dropkick and a suplex, then Ambrose takes a few shots before Rollins sends JInder outside and Ambrose knees Drew in the stomach. Rollins splashes Jinder on the floor as Ambrose clotheslines Drew, then he follows it with Dirty Deeds for the win. Kane comes out and says they won't ambush The Shield like they like to do, and they can face the guys they jumped on Monday, Rybaxel, right now.

Winners – The Shield

The Shield (w/ Roman Reigns) vs Rybaxel

Axel hits Ambrose a few times and Ryback hits a kneedrop off the ropes, then he goes for a suplex but Ambrose counters with a DDT. Rollins whips Axel in the corner and splashes him, then he kicks him in the face and connects with a roundhouse kick from the apron. Ryback goes after him but Ambrose tackles him on the floor, then Rollins backdrops Axel outside and hits a somersault dive on the floor. Axel comes back and sets up a Perfect Plex, but Rollins hits an enziguiri and follows with a Curb Stomp for the win.

Winners – The Shield

Sin Cara vs Damien Sandow

Sandow suplexes Cara and clotheslines him in the corner, then he whips him and goes for another clothesline but Cara ducks and rolls him up for the win.

Winner – Sin Cara