TNA Impact Wrestling Results (4/3) Two Returns, Tables Match, Four Corners Match

TNA Impact Wrestling Quick Results: – Bobby Roode & Ethan Carter III def Bully Ray & Willow – Samuel Shaw def Ken Anderson – Sanada vs Tigre Uno – The Beautiful People def Madison Rayne & Brittany – Kenny King vs MVP ends in No Contest – Magnus def Eric Young, Samoa Joe & Abyss — #wrestlezone

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tna knockout goneTNA Impact Wrestling Results

April 3rd 2014

Report by Bill Pritchard for

Tables Match

Bobby Roode & Ethan Carter III vs Bully Ray & Willow

Willow uses Bully to set up Poetry In Motion, then he connects with a top rope headbutt before Bully tells him to get the tables. They try to set up a table but Roode cuts them off, then Ethan assists him in stomping Hardy before they attack Bully in the corner. They try to suplex him through the table but Willow moves it, then he hits Ethan with a jawbreaker and a Twist of Fate before heading up top. Rockstar Spud wheels himself out (yep, in a wheelchair for his busted foot), so Willow goes after him and sends him away as Bully heads up top. Roode shoves him but Bully avoids the table, then he punches Roode in the groin and whips him into Ethan across the ring. Bully avoids a Roode Bomb and goes for a Bubba Cutter, but Roode reverses it and hits a spinebuster through the table. Roode puts Bully through another table with a Roode Bomb after the bell, then Ethan holds him in place and Roode splashes him through another one.

Winners – Bobby Roode & Ethan Carter III

Straightjacket Match

Ken Anderson vs Samuel Shaw

Anderson hits Shaw on the apron and whips him into the steps, then we get back from a break to see Shaw choking Anderson with the jacket. Anderson comes back with a neckbreaker after Shaw puts him in the jacket, then he hits a rolling fireman's carry slam and tries to put Shaw in the jacket. He gets both sleeves on but Shaw kicks him in the crotch, then he puts Anderson in a choke hold and puts him out before locking up the straightjacket. 

Winner – Samuel Shaw

Kenny King comes out before the next match and says he is the X Division, and he sees the talent in the ring, but the division isn't the same without him. He puts himself over and talks about how he's been doing this for years, then MVP comes out and says King is interrupting his show. King says this isn't his show because he's the biggest star in the ring, but MVP says he's testing his patience and they should wrap this up. MVP tries to get him out of the ring, but King says everything he wants is in the ring, and he wants to headline, but MVP says it's not tonight. MVP says the show is booked up, but King says MVP doesn't have a match, and he wants to show MVP what he's got. MVP says the show is over for him, but King bumps into him and MVP finally agrees to an exhibition match tonight.