Hogan Takes Issues with “Sadermania” Documentary, Detailed WM30 Stats, New WWE Studios Movie in Theaters

New WWE Studios Movie in Theaters

The WWE Studios produced film "Oculus" opened in theaters last night. If you saw the film and would like to submit a review, please email us by clicking on the submit news box below.

Detailed WM30 Stats

DeadSpin.com has published a detailed set of statistics coming out of last week's WrestleMania 30 PPV, including entrance times, numbers of moves performed, number of kickouts and more.

Hogan Takes Issue with Documentary

As we have reported over the past year or so, a documentary has been in the works titled "Sadermania," and was produced and directed by Adam Gacka. The film chronicles the friendship between Hogan and Chris Sader, and was an official selection in numerous film festivals.

Hulk Hogan has taken an issue with the film, however, as he noted the following on Twitter: