Video Preview for “Best of Raw: After the Show” DVD, Samoa Joe TNA Return Update, WWE Studios Plans for 2014, Oculus

WWE Studios Plans for 2014

According to The Wrestling Observer, WWE Studios plans to release about 8-10 more films throughout the rest of the year.

In related news, the latest WWE Studios film, "Oculus", opened at $12,005,402 and finished in third place at the box office in its opening weekend.

The film needs to hold up well in its second week, as another horror movie, "The Quiet Ones," opens a week later will likely hurt WWE's movie. "Oculus" was a low budget film, however, so the film will likely be a considered a successful project despite however it does in the coming weeks.

Samoa Joe TNA Return Update

Samoa Joe is scheduled to return to TNA at this weekend's live events in North Carolina.

Video Preview for "Best of Raw: After the Show" DVD

The following is a video preview for the upcoming WWE "Best of Raw: After the Show" DVD which comes out next Tuesday.