What Happened After WWE Raw Tonight?, JR Reacts to Opening Raw Segment, New Legends House Video

What Happened After WWE Raw Tonight?

After Raw went off the air tonight, John Cena and The Wyatt Family came out for the event's dark match main event. The bout saw Cena defeat Bray Wyatt in a lengthy singles match, via DQ, after both Luke Harper and Erick Rowan interfered in the bout.

JR Reacts to Opening Raw Segment

Jim Ross posted the following reactions to the opening of Raw tonight on Twitter:

"The opening segment on #RAWSTLOUIS was memorable..creepy..provokes thought. Like a blind date…"

"Memorable oprning segment on #RAWSTLOUIS Announcers will undoubtedly be at a loss for words. Hope there's speculation nonetheless."

"Interesting show biz elements to open #RAWSTLOUIS. #creepy"

New Legends House Video

The following is a WWE Legends House clip featuring the cast talking about what they miss most about being in the house: