Backstage WWE Concern Over Vince Making Changes, Which WWE Names Have Played Rosebuds?


Vince McMahonBackstage WWE Concern Over Vince Making Changes

Prior to the WWE business outlook call conducted by Vince McMahon and George Barrios on Monday, there was fear backstage in WWE that Vince might be making drastic management changes.

It's being said Vince feels his management team, not including Barrios, lead him to believe WWE would be getting more for its new TV deal, and there was great concern that Vince would be handing down major management changes as a result. As of this writing, we haven't heard of any departures or firings, but if Vince isn't happy, things will change very quickly.

Which WWE Stars Have Played Rosebuds?

While WWE continues to use local talent and NXT talent to play Adam Rose's Rosebuds, both Zack Ryder and Justin Gabriel have played Rosebud roles in recent weeks.