Kevin Nash Reveals His Thoughts on CM Punk Walking Out of WWE, 5/22 WWE Legends House Highlight Videos

Kevin Nash Reveals His Thoughts on CM Punk Walking Out of WWE

Kevin Nash recently appeared on Square Circle Radio and during the interview Nash discussed CM Punk's WWE departure.

Nash was asked about his thoughts on the former WWE Champion walking out on huge money and a big spot on the main show, and the former WCW star said when they spent time talking at the Royal Rumble earlier this year, Punk was upset that the powers that be were putting the match together above the wrestlers putting the match together.

Nash also noted Punk was not a small guy and he wasn't a big guy either, therefore he took a lot of punishment on a nightly basis. He also said he had a heating pack on his back at the Rumble, and when they shared a floor to sleep on while traveling in London, England together, Nash woke up almost paralyzed while Punk woke up and put his pack back on. Asking what his condition was, Punk told Nash he hadn't gotten an MRI at that point, but Nash believes he's had one since.

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