WWE Considering Ads for Network in 2015, Alicia Fox Attacks Former WWE & WCW Superstar’s Son on Monday Night Raw

Identity of Alicia Fox Victim

The individual at ringside last night during WWE Raw, who received a wedgie from a crazed Alicia Fox, was Berkley Ottman. He is the son of former pro wrestler Fred Ottman, who worked in WWE as Tugboat, and later as Typhoon, and of course would portray the infamous Shockmaster gimmick in WCW. 

Ads on the WWE Network?

WWE's Chief Strategy & Financial Officer George Barrios recently stated that they may begin to use advertising as a means to make the WWE Network more profitable, possibly as early as first quarter 2015. Currently most shows run uninterrupted, save for brief Network related ads that take no more than a few seconds each. As we have reported several times in the past, one of the other options being discussed is a small raise in the subscription price for the WWE Network.