*SPOILERS*: Complete Impact Wrestling Match Results For Tonight’s Edition

complete impact wrestlingThe following is complete Impact Wrestling match results and spoilers for tonight's edition of Impact Wrestling. As always, be sure to visit WrestleZone.com for live coverage fo the show, starting at 9/8c. 

Source: TNAInsider.com

Bram defeateded Tigre Uno. Bram continued attacking Uno after the match. Magnus came out to stop Bram. Magnus said that Bram needs prove himself against Willow.

Mr. Anderson and Gunner defeated The Bromans

After the match, The Menagerie came out and laid out DJ Z.

Bully Ray came out I the ring and had 6 tables laid out. He said each table was for one person on his list.  MVP, Kenny King, Bobby Lashley, Spud, EC3, and Dixie. Ray said all of them will go through tables.  MVP Lashley, and King attacked Ray until the wolves, Aries and Eric Young made the save. Aries challenged them to a six man tag.

MVP, Kenny King, and Bobby Lashley defeated Austin Aries, Eddie Edwards, and Davey Richards.

Dixie and Ethan Carter come out and demand that MVP come out to finish their conversation from last week. MVP, King and Lashley come out. The two factions argue over which one has more power in TNA. Eric Young and Bully Ray come out and trash talk the two factions. MVP books Eric Young vs Bully Ray with Ethan Carter as the special guest referee for tonight.

The Beautiful People defeated Gail Kim and Brittany.  After losing the match Brittany called out Madison Rayne and demanded to know why Madison refused to be her partner against The Beautiful People. Rayne tells Brittany that she has a long history with The Beautiful People and that this is her fight. The two begin to banter back and fourth and The Beautiful People return to the ring to witness the drama. Madison then announces that she has called in her rematch against Angelina for the knockouts title next week.

Eric Young vs Bully Ray ended in a no-contest when Bully Ray kicked Ethan Carter III in the face. MVP, King and Lashley came out and attacked Young and Ray. Samoa Joe came out to make the save.