WWE NXT Takeover Results (5/29) – Breeze vs Zayn, New Women’s Champion Crowned, Neville vs Kidd

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WWE NXT Takeover Quick Results: Adam Rose def Camacho – The Ascension def El Local & Kalisto – Tyler Breeze def Sami Zayn – Charlotte def Natalya – Adrian Neville def Tyson Kidd — #wrestlezone

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WWE NXT Takeover Results

May 29th 2014

Report by Bill Pritchard for Wrestlezone.com

NXT Preshow:

Paul Heyman, Christian and Renee Young start by talking about the new talent in WWE like Rusev and Bo Dallas.

Following this, we get a promo video for Tyler Breeze, and Christian says Sammy Zayn reminds him of himself. He says Zayn has the best matches of the night, but he does need to find a little bit more edge. After Zayn's promo, Cesaro joins the panel and says Zayn won't have an easy match tonight. He says you get better with every loss, and he tought Zayn how to lose. Renee asks what Cesaro said to Zayn after their match at NXT Arrival, but Cesaro says he will keep it between them and departs the show.

Charlotte gets a promo for the Women's Title match, and Renee asks Christian how much is about Charlotte, and how much is about her father, Ric Flair. Christian says she needs to own the match and make her own name, then Heyman says it's time to face the situation head on. Bret Hart and Flair both give their opinions on Charlotte, Natalya and the Flair/Hart rivalry, then Renee acknowledges CJ Parker protesting in the crowd.

The preview for Adrian Neville versus Tyson Kidd is up next, and Heyman says he thinks Kidd will beat the champion. He says he's had his eye on Kidd for awhile, but Christian says you can't count Neville out. We go to a prerecorded interview with Kidd and Natalya, and she says tonight is huge and it's about tradition and titles. She says there is pressure, then Kidd says there's tons of pressure and he needs this or he'd be a never was, but Neville could lose and still be a former champion. Michael Cole (interviewing them) asks if Kidd is using this platform to repair his bad reputation as seen on Total Divas, but Nattie jumps in and starts saying this isn't the case. Cole cuts her off and tells her to let Kidd answer, then they bicker back and forth and Kidd says he needs to win. Cole asks if he is OK if Nattie wins and he loses, and Kidd says he would be OK with it. Cole stirs the pot and says he needs to win or he'll just be 'Natalya's husband', then Kidd and Nattie get pissed and say he is wrong. Kidd says he does need to win because he put pressure on himself, then Cole wishes them luck and closes the conversation.