Bray Wyatt Babyface Status, The Undertaker Note, Former WWE Star On MTV

bray wyatt babyfaceBray Wyatt Babyface Status

According to The Wrestling Observer, Bray Wyatt is expected to be a full-fledged babyface by the end of 2014. While Wyatt has been getting a strong, positive reaction from most live crowds recently, WWE still hasn't went all the way with a babyface turn, as evident by his actions against Jerry Lawler on RAW Monday. 

Of course, the real indicator of his babyface status will likely be decided when he's working against someone other than John Cena. Just about anyone working Cena gets at least a mixed reaction, regardless of whether they are considered a heel or face. 

The Undertaker Note

Joey Styles noted on Twitter this week that The Undertaker will be the focus of an upcoming episode of WWE Warehouse. Styles hosts the show and the first one aired about a month ago. Styles noted that if the pilot episode reached over 250,000 views on YouTube, they would film more. Checking today, the show was just over 240k views, but WWE has already filmed and released a second episode anyway. 

Manu Lands MTV Role

Former WWE star, Manu (real name: Afa Anoa'i Jr.) has landed a role in an upcoming MTV series. The show began filming this week, but little details about the actual show has been released.