Tommy Dreamer “Goes Off” on Dixie Carter in an Angle at Last Night’s House of Hardcore Event, Complete Details

house of hardcoreAs we noted earlier today, Bully Ray was pulled from last night's House of Hardcore event, run by Tommy Dreamer, and Ray reacted to the situation via Twitter.

According to, during the opening segment of the House of Hardcore event, Dreamer told fans at around 11:30pm on Thursday night he was informed by TNA officials that Bully Ray had been pulled from The House of Hardcore event in favor of a SpikeTV event he had to attend. Dreamer was accompanied to the ring by Abyss and Devon.

Dreamer then announced that a nationally syndicated TV show would be filming tonight, but for legal reasons he could not reveal what it is, but that the people would know when it's happening and could react to it.

Dreamer then said along with this good news comes bad news, and the bad news is Bully Ray was pulled from the event by Dixie Carter. Dreamer referred to Carter as a mark for Twitter, and told fans to Tweet Dixie and let her know how they feel about Ray not being at the event.

Dreamer went on to say he promises to get Dixie back for having Bully pulled from the show, and he's tired of people like Dixie abusing people like him and the fans. He then said, "b***h, I will get you for this."

This then turned into an angle when Abyss attacked Dreamer and Devon. Abyss got on the mic and talked about how Dixie had kept him employed all these years. Abyss went heel on the fans and continued the attack, defending TNA. Rhino ended up coming out but turned and took out Dreamer, leading to a new main event of Dreamer and Devon vs. Abyss and Rhino.