Jim Ross Blog: TNA Slammiversary Thoughts, Reaction to Von Erich Match, Tonight’s Raw, Upcoming Podcast Guests & More

jim ross blogA new Jim Ross blog has been posted over at JRsBarBQ.com. and below are some highlights:

On TNA Slammiversary:

"Impact Wrestling had a solid PPV Sunday night in Arlington, Texas and their roster, which many under rate, stepped up. As I have said many times on my Ross Report podcast, Impact Wrestling has a marketable and potentially winning roster but my issues have been with the 'play calling' for the lack or a better term aka the creative booking."

"Samoa Joe, Jeff Hardy, and Bully Ray all losing on the same show could be a head scratcher but if it helps get new talents over and legitimately builds for the future then I'm all for it. In other words if there is a long term, definitive plan in place then bravo to TNA."

On The Von Erich's:

"The Von Erich's not winning cleanly was perplexing. Please don't try and sell me the worn out tale that the Von Erich's are 'part time and the other talents are not' argument. The Von Erich's had as much, if not more to do, with selling the tickets in Arlington than any one on the card so why not get two pops from the pro Von Erich crowd than one? Kevin Von Erich using the Von Erich Iron Claw was a classic touch and I'm happy it was saved for KVE. That's good booking."

On upcoming podcast guests:

"Speaking of Impact, tomorrow night (Tuesday) I will visit with Bubba Dudley on the Ross Report for a future podcast. Check out the home page for our list of upcoming guests and air dates. Bubba or Bully is one of my favorite guys in the biz and a true, old school, man's man. Plus, MVP is my guest this week and we talk extensively about his 9 1/2 year prison term and his relationship and some compelling info on the late, Chris Benoit."

On tonight's RAW:

"RAW is in Cleveland tonight which will likely be where The Miz will be featured in his latest re-start after starring in a WWE film. WWE has lots of work to do to build momentum for the next MITB event which will crown a new, WWE World Champion. With their lack of depth and having so many of their top hands in one bout it will be interesting to see what other attractions will be added to the card so that more people will migrate to the WWE Network which is the companies biggest priority or so it seems."

"I'm hoping for a Kevin Hart w/ Santino vignette on tonight's RAW as that has the chance to be legit funny."