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Report: The Very Latest on The Filming Status of WWE Tough Enough and Legends House 2

As we previously reported, filming of WWE Tough Enough, which was originally scheduled to have already begun, has been delayed until later this year, with October being a likely production month.

If Tough Enough does actually get filmed, the budget for the show will be drastically cut, as WWE continues to make budget cuts in an attempt to trim $20 million from its budget this year.

As for Legends House, the fate of that show might be darker, as there’s talk a second season might not happen at all. A source located in a country in which Legends House airs claims a second season of the show will not happen at all, while another source notes a second season might happen, but it won’t be until Tough Enough wraps, or in early 2015.

Despite the reality shows being the most expensive WWE Network content to produce, Legends House was more often than not the most watched show on the Network aside from PPV events.

Paglino: I hope both shows return. I know people dislike Tough Enough because the winning wrestler rarely amounts to anything in WWE, but the show itself is a lot of fun and offers a great glimpse into the behind-the-scenes world of pro wrestling.

As for Legends House, give me Sheik or give me death.