WWE Smackdown Results (7/11) – Jericho vs Orton, Reigns vs Rusev!

WWE Smackdown

Smackdown Quick Results: AJ Lee def Cameron – Adam Rose def Fandango by countout – The Usos def Titus O’Neil & Heath Slater – Randy Orton def Chris Jericho – Summer Rae vs Layla ends in No Contest – Goldust def Curtis Axel – Bo Dallas def Diego & El Torito – Roman Reigns def Rusev via DQ #wrestlezone

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WWE Smackdown Results

July 11th 2014

Report by Bill Pritchard for Wrestlezone.com

 Rusev and Lana come out and Lana cuts an anti-Canada promo, then she starts to talk about Rusev crushing Roman Reigns before he cuts them off. Reigns says he will get to the point, and this is his ring, because Rusev thinks he can crush him but he should think again. Reigns says he’ll knock Rusev out if he tries anything, then Lana says that’s typical and he should be careful, but Reigns says he assesses and attacks. He says he already assessed so he’s ready to knock Rusev on his ass, then he calls for a referee but Lana says it’s not on Reigns’ terms and they leave.

BP: I hope they give this a decent amount of time later, but this was a good introduction. Reigns is still really rough on the mic, but continuing to give him mic time is the only way he gets better.

Cameron vs AJ Lee 

Cameron puts some lip gloss on and tackles AJ, then she slams her head on the mat and throws her lip gloss at AJ’s face. She chokes AJ and applies an inverted underhook submission, then AJ counters and rolls her up for a near fall. Cameron hits a seated dropkick and pie faces AJ, but AJ just laughs it off and throws her on the mat. AJ clotheslines her in the corner and hits a neckbreaker, then she skips around while pulling Cameron’s hair and slams her face first on the mat. AJ goes back after her but Cameron screams and rolls outside, telling her it’s over but Naomi runs out and hits her from behind. Naomi throws Cameron in the ring, then AJ hits a Shining Wizard off the ropes for the win.

Winner – AJ Lee

BP: AJ did a good job of making Cameron look good. I like the addition of the Shining Wizard, too.

Fandango (w/ Layla) vs Adam Rose

Rose throws Fandango outside, then Summer Rae runs out and fights with Layla. Fandango tries to break it up, but he ends up getting counted out. He gets back in the ring and tries to go after Rose, but Rose hits a Party Foul and Summer dances away with the Rosebuds.

Winner (by countout) – Adam Rose