The Rock All But Confirms New DC Comics Film Role; Talks Becoming a UFC Fighter Instead of a Wrestler, His Ultimate Dream Match & More

The RockWe’ve known for a while now that The Rock was confirmed to play a DC Comics character in an unknown 2016 film – with rumors spanning back almost two years – but earlier this week Hercules himself stated that it would be a hero (or villian) “with the power of Superman”.

The running speculation is that Dwayne Johnson has landed the role of Shazam (formerly Captain Marvel) for an upcoming Warner Bros. project, and after a tweet from The Rock earlier today, the “Great One” has all but confirmed it to be true. It’s worth pointing out that Black Adam – Shazam’s greatest foe – has also been rumored, and the two definitely share some visual characteristics. 

You can also check out The Rock’s interview with Fox Sports, where he talked about wanting to become a UFC fighter, and his ultimate dream match: a 4-way with his father, grandfather, and “Macho Man” Randy Savage.