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Stone Cold Steve Austin On NBC Radio; Talks NFL, Wrestlers Turned Actors, Austin Toasts Recently Fired WWE Employee

Steve Austin On NBC Radio

Austin took some playful jabs John Cena and The Rock, as well as himself, when it comes to acting, and also talked to Toomer and Schwartzman about the following additional topics:

  •  Tiger Woods back injury
  • Is the NFL too soft?
  • Why are some wrestlers more successful out of the ring?
  • Is being a wrestler glamorous?
  • Is wrestling fake?

To hear Austin’s response this all of this and much more, you can click here to listen to the show, or use the player below:

Austin Toast

Austin also posted the following Tweet, toasting long-time WWE employee Mark Yeaton, who was released from the company recently.

Yeaton was a backstage worker and WWE’s timekeeper, who would also be shown on-screen as Austin’s unofficial ‘beer thrower’ for Stone Cold’s beer bashes.