Complete 8/12 WWE Main Event Results: Tag Team Champions Get Uso Crazy


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WWE Main Event Results

August 12th 2014

Report by Mike Killam for

The Usos come out to kick off the show, and say they went to the Authority and requested an open challenge for tonight, because they love to compete. They say they want to be known as one of the best teams in WWE history, like the Hart Foundation, the Road Warriors, Edge and Christian. They open the floor to potential challengers, and the call is answered by Curtis Axel and Ryback. The big guy says the titles would look great around their waists, but he's interrupted by Rob Van Dam. Ryback calls him a dummy because he doesn't have a partner, and accuses him of stealing his singlet.  Out comes Sheamus as RVD's partner. The two challenging teams start to brawl, until Corporate Kane comes out and announces a 3-way tag match for the titles tonight on Main Event.