Another Update on TNA’s Future if Spike Falls Through, Big WWE 2k15 Roster Reveal Details, Last Night’s Rosebuds

Last Night’s Rosebuds

Several readers have sent in word that “The Bollywood Boyz,” who were the last Ring Ka King Tag Team Champions before the TNA India project finished, worked last night’s Smackdown tapings as Rosebuds. The Bollywood Boyz consist of Gurv and Harv Sihra.

Another Update on TNA’s Future if Spike Falls Through

As we noted earlier this week, should SpikeTV and TNA fail to reach a new TV agreement, it’s likely Impact Wrestling will not be pulled from Spike immediately after their current deal expires. Spike will likely keep doing business with TNA on a temporary basis as they find a new home for Impact Wrestling. is also reporting even if TNA and Spike do not re-sign, TNA won’t be “going out of business” as they still have overseas contracts to fulfill which means they still have have to film material to honor those deals.

In related news, TNA has been working with United Talent Agency to help re-think its live event strategy, and changes could be made in the near future with regards to how TNA live events are routed and presented.

Big WWE 2k15 Roster Reveal Details

WWE 2k has posted the following on Twitter: