Update On The Ata Johnson Car Accident, Afa The Wild Samoan Posts Lengthy Facebook Message, Starts Drunk Driving Social Media Campaign

wrestlezoneAfa the Wild Samoan recently posted a lengthy Facebook post, featuring an update on the Ata Johnson car accident, including details on the accident itself, the health of the passengers and more.

Ata Maivia-Johnson, The Rock‘s mother, was involved in a two car accident last week, and Afa talks about what happened, including seeing his cousin Ata, and hearing her tell people to call her son Dwayne. You can read an excerpt from the post below:

The last two weeks have been very difficult for me and my family. The world now knows about the terrible car accident that happened just after our 6th Annual Usos Foundation Fundraising Banquet in Minneola, FL on August 2nd. The event was beautiful and heartfelt. There was a lot of love in the room, as there is each and every year. After our event, we were heading to a local Clermont restaurant to continue our celebration, and we were in a convoy of cars, which included my family, students, WXW Wrestlers, and Foundation supporters. Due to a drunk driver’s carelessness, one of our cars was struck. My cousin Ata Maivia-Johnson and niece Lina Fanene were the driver and passenger in the car that was struck head-on. It could have been my daughter a few cars ahead, it could have been my own vehicle with my wife, son Jaye, and grandchildren, it could have been any one of my students or wrestlers.

Just when the accident happened, the car immediately in front of them, containing my student, WXW Superstar Noah Kekoa, called me to alert me that Ata had gotten in an accident. I thank God that she had such a strong, safe vehicle, because they survived what could have been a fatal tragedy. There was so much chaos at the scene of the accident, police threatening to arrest us, as we all jumped out of our cars to help them. My only thought was to get to Ata’s side and see her with my own eyes. I was so relieved when I heard her voice, as she told the First Responder “Call Dwayne! Call my son!” Everyone in our group except for myself and Noah was forced to wait at a gas station across from the scene, waiting in helpless panic, not knowing the extent of the injuries.

We all headed to the Emergency Room, and there were so many of my family, wrestlers, students, and foundation supporters, including former Minneola Mayor and dear family friend David Yeager, all waiting there with us, praying, refusing to leave our side. I can’t express enough how comforting it was to have everyone there during this terrifying time. I was the first one allowed to go in to see Ata and Lina in the emergency room, and they were also very thankful that we were all there for them. Ata asked me to send them all home, because it was well after midnight at this time. She was concerned about them driving home. Imagine, after such a terrible ordeal, being concerned about everyone else. That’s just the kind of person Ata is.

…My WXW Wrestlers and I have also created a #WXWAgainstDrunkDriving campaign, which has been shared by so many already.

God bless you all, and thank you again.


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To view Afa’s entire post, including more information about drunk driving prevention and WXW, click here to visit his Facebook page.