TNA Impact Wrestling Results (8/14) – Knockouts Title Match, EC3 Thrown Out, Team 3D vs Hardys!

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tna impact wrestling resultsTNA Impact Wrestling Results

August 14th 2014

Report by Bill Pritchard for

Bully Ray comes out and says its a great feeling knowing Dixie Carter is gone, and he owes a lot of people some thanks. Devon comes out and talks about how they got it done, then the Hardy Boyz cut them off and Matt says it’s been twelve years since they faced each other in the ring. They all talk about their history together and how they invented TLC matches, and Bully says it sounds like the fans want them to do it one more time. Matt says they can make history here again, and Jeff says he didn’t paint his face for nothing, so he’s ready, and they make the tag match official.

#1 Contender’s Match (X Division Championship)

Low Ki vs Manik vs Crazzy Steve vs Homicide vs Tigre Uno vs DJ Z

Steve knocks Uno down and hits a crossbody to the back, then Zema taunts him so Steve bites him and Uno takes him down with a running inverted fireman’s carry slam. Uno springboards off the ropes and splashes Steve for the first elimination, then he takes Manik down with a hurricanrana. Manik follows with an inverted DDT and a springboard dropkick, then follows with a cradle slam for the next elimination. Manik avoids an attack by Homicide and Ki, then Zema dropkicks them both and takes Manik down, using the ropes for leverage for the next elimination. Zema turns and tries to reason with the other two, but Li and Homicide punch him near the ropes, then they kick him before Homicide hits a Gringo Killer for the next elimination. Ki and Homicide face off and Homicide throws him outside, then he splashes Ki into the barricade before connecting with a reverse STO into the turnbuckles. Homicide avoids a corner clothesline and goes for a Gringo Killer,but Ki floats over and lands on his feet, then he dropkicks Homicide into the turnbuckles and follows with a Ki Crusher for the win.

Winner – Low Ki

BP: This had some good spots, and was especially entertaining when it was down to Ki and Homicide. It was a bit short for an elimination match, and was a bit confused by the format. They went one-on-one until it was down to four people, but then it was still a three way. The X Division is coming back in a big way and have some great wrestlers, but TNA has always suffered from inconsistant gimmicks.