More Details On Alberto Del Rio Release; When It Happened, What Original Punishment Was, ROH Makes Statement On Injured Wrestler

alberto del rioMore Details On Alberto Del Rio Release

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the incident involving Alberto Del Rio slapping a WWE employee may have taken place on August 5th in Laredo, Texas.

A good portion of the WWE crew had already left for Australia at this point, and people who have talked to Alberto were told of his punishment. They said Alberto himself said he would be suspended until after Summerslam, but was not told he would be fired or disciplined any further.


The belief is that after this, Cody Barbierri, the man who Alberto slapped, threatened to sue WWE, so Alberto was let go for legal reasons. Paul Levesque (Triple H) called him two days later on August 7th and gave Alberto notice of his release, which infuriated him. One performer also went on to say that Alberto’s firing was finalized because of how hard Alberto slapped Barbierri; the story going around is that Alberto “slapped the shit out of him”, and Barbierri ended up on the ground.

ROH Makes Statement On Injured Wrestler

Ring Of Honor posted the following statement, made after is was reported that Raymond Rowe was involved in a motorcycle accident:

We have just received word that current ROH star, one half of the tag team War Machine, RAYMOND ROWE was involved in a serious motorcycle accident. His injuries include severe bruising, lacerations. He also sustained a broken arm that will require surgery and rehabilitation. We at Rowe’s ROH family – wrestlers and fans – are incredibly grateful he will make a full recovery.

Unfortunately, Rowe will be out of action indefinitely while he rehabilitates. While there is currently no set date for his return, Rowe has sworn he’ll be back stronger and better than ever! We will have all updates here on