WWE Legend Says Doctors Told Him He Has Two Years Left to Live, Blasts WWE Hall of Famer

superstar billy grahamWWE legend Superstar Billy Graham posted the following on his Facebook page:

“The f–king worthless sub-human piece of s–t Abdullah. He never bladed me but as you know gave Hannibal Hep C which almost killed him and is going to kill me. The liver docs have recently told me I have about 2 years left then my liver fails and I take my final bump. So f–k Abdullah and I hope he dies a miserable death.”

For those unaware of the backstory, Abdullah the Butcher worked a match with indy star Devon Nicholson a few years ago, but failed to tell Nicholson he had Hepatitis C, which is a blood disease. During the bout, Abdullah bladed, and Nicholson subsequently contracted Hepatitis C.

While Billy Graham has admitted in the past to steroid and drug abuse causing his current liver problems, the Hepatitis C has also contributed to the health problems.