The Latest on Smackdown’s Move to Thursday Nights, How it Might Affect International Airings & Other WWE TV Shows

smackdownThe Wrestling Observer is reporting that while there has been no official word from WWE as to how Smackdown moving to Thursday nights will affect other WWE shows, changes will likely have to be made in order to accommodate the new night.

As for international airings of Smackdown, Canada will likely move to Thursday nights as well. Countries such as Australia and The UK, who have been getting Smackdown almost a day earlier than the United States, will likely have to wait until it airs here as it would be impossible for WWE to get the show to them earlier for editing reasons.

First-run WWE Network shows, such as NXT and Superstars, along with season 2 of Legends House, would likely also change timeslots/nights, and Wednesday would be the likely move for those shows.

As we noted earlier today, NXT and Superstars have been airing earlier in the day on Thursdays for the past two weeks, so that could be an indication WWE is already accounting for the Smackdown move.