Latest Health Update on Jake “The Snake” Roberts, Sinn Bodhi Speaks Out and Clears Up Erroneous Report

Former WWE star Kizarny, aka Sinn Bodhi, spoke to Bill Apter of regarding Jake “The Snake” Roberts’ current health status, and you can listen to the full discussion in the video player below.

During the discussion, Bodhi reveals Jake “The Snake” Roberts’ doctors informed him he had the flu prior to Roberts heading to Las Vegas on Wednesday night for an appearance.

It was erroneously reported by another site that Roberts “collapsed” on the plane ride to Las Vegas, which both Bodhi and Roberts’ lawyer Kyle Magee says is not accurate.

Additionally, Bodhi noted Jake alerted the flight crew something was wrong with him after he began experiencing breathing troubles and extreme chest tightening. The flight crew then arranged for an ambulance to be waiting for Roberts when the plane landed.

You can watch the video below for more details on Jake Roberts, and you can read Kyle Magee’s official statement to 1Wrestling at this link. Additionally, you can read our previous Roberts health update at this link.