Michael Sam WWE Invite Gets Mainstream Press, Fan Gets Signs Confiscated at Raw, Posts Scathing Criticism of the Experience

Michael Sam Invite Gets Mainstream Press

michael samBoth the FOX Sports and CBS Sports websites have picked up on WWE’s publicity stunt of inviting professional football player Michael Sam to appear on Monday Night Raw next week.

You can read the FOX Sports article at FOXSports.com, and the CBS Sports article at CBSSports.com.

Paglino: Yes, I called it a publicity stunt. It can’t be described as anything else. Michael Sam is a football player and Monday Night Raw is a pro wrestling show. The two have nothing to do with each other, despite how Stephanie McMahon might be spinning it.

I sincerely hope Michael Sam does not take WWE up on this ridiculous “invitation.” But, given FOX Sports and CBS Sports have already picked up on the “story,” I’m sure WWE already got what it wants – more publicity.

Fan Gets Signs Confiscated at Raw, Posts Scathing Criticism of the Experience

Last night on Raw, a fan who was holding a sign saying “I could be home watching Nitro…for $9.99” had his sign confiscated and he was later thrown out of the building by security.

The fan ran a Reddit thread about the incident, and below is an excerpt from what he had to say:

“Got kicked out of raw for the I could be home watching Nitro for $9.99 sign”

“I got threatened with arrest. They tried getting my id for records. f–k the entire company. They kicked me out because of the sign. It’s fine that I got kicked out but trying to bully me. Bring it. The piece of s–t guy in the suit with the WWE logo on his suit is a little b—h yes man for Vince. They threatened me with everything in the the book and I walked out of the arena on my own will. f–k Vince trips and Steph suck my f–king dick you c–ts”

“They came up to me at about 9pm and we’re like give me the signs. I was like which one. They took one of the three I had and walked away 2 minutes later came back with a big black guy in a suit and asked me to follow them. Which I didn’t told them to f–k off. Which they threatened me with arrest and I laughed in their face. After about 5 minutes of time being assholes I walked to th e area where they sell everything and tried talking to them. All I got was surrounded by dick heads in suits telling me WWE didn’t like me and wanted me gone. I refused to leave and begged them to bring the Des Moines police department so I could be taken to jail and they wouldn’t. I walked down out on my own free will after being fed up with the bulls–t f–k the WWE and their bullying.”