Update: Jake Roberts Moving Out of the ICU, Staying in Nevada for Recovery; When Will He Be Able to Return Home?

jake Turnbuckle Weekly with Chuck Carroll interviewed wrestler Sinn Bodhi recently, who provided an update on the condition of WWE Hall of Famer Jake Roberts. The article, which you can read in its entirety at the link provided below, restates that Jake’s hospitalization was in no way a relapse, or in any way related to his history with drug use. 

The current plan is for doctors to move him out of the ICU this weekend, and continue to observe him in the hospital for several days. When he does get a clean bill of health, Jake will be staying with Sinn Bodhi in Nevada while he continues recovering, and will eventually fly, or be driven back to to Atlanta where he lives. Given that part of the reason he was hospitalized in the first place was his body’s reaction to high altitude, Jake travelling by plane at any point in the near future could be a big concern. 

Source: CBSLocal.com