Jim Ross Blog: Why WWE Would Sign Sting and Kurt Angle, Who Stood Out on Raw This Week?, Russo On His Podcast & More

jim ross blogA new Jim Ross blog has been posted over at JRsBarBQ.com, and below are some highlights:

“Why would WWE want to re-sign some veterans like Sting, [Kurt] Angle, etc to their roster? Easy answer….to create revenue AND to give younger talet a much needed rub. No brainer to me especially if they can pass physicals. They are not the future but they can help facilitate the future.”

“Thought Paul Heyman and John Cena were the stars of Raw Monday night. Great verbal interaction that felt organic ie not over scripted. Over scripting pro wrestling promos takes a chunk out of the uniqueness of the business that drew many of us to the genre.”

“Vince Russo, the controversial and often times polarizing former creative guru in WWE, WCW, and TNA is my current guest on the Ross Report podcast on podcastone.com and iTunes. Download for free. Interesting listen. Very revealing look at Russo.”

You can read more from this week’s Jim Ross blog by clicking on the link above.