TNA Publishes and Deletes An Article About Former WWE Announcer At Headquarters, Note on The Miz Losing The Intercontinental Championship

Former WWE Announcer at TNA posted the following article about Josh Matthews, former WWE announcer, at TNA headquarters. They would soon delete the article, roughly a half hour after it was originally posted. Below is the article from their website:

“Today, Josh Mathews was spotted outside of TNA Wrestling Headquarters in Nashville, TN. Matthews would later enter a closed door meeting with TNA executives. No details on what was said, however will keep you current when additional details are available.”

Matthews was at a TNA taping in June in New York City, but nothing more came out of those meetings. 

The Miz Losing Again

With The Miz losing the WWE Intercontinental Championship to Dolph Ziggler, he becomes the only guy to win and to lose the belt on consecutive nights to the same person. If you remember, The Miz won the WWE Intercontinental Championship off of Wade Barrett on the WrestleMania 29 pre-show, only to lose it to him the following night on Raw.