WWE Squashes Brock Lesnar Health Rumors, Former WWE Diva Reveals Her Lucha Underground Name

brock lesnarWWE Squashes Brock Lesnar Health Rumors

The Washington Post recently posted an article about a fan generated rumor that WWE World Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar missed Monday Night RAW this week due to health problems.

The Post says WWE reached out to them and said there is absolutely “no truth to the rumors about issues with Brock Lesnar’s health.”

The rumors were noted as being generated by several fan sites talking about Brock’s health, noting that he looked like he was having blood pressure and heart problems, such as “sweating” and “turning purple” due to minor physical exertion while wrestling.

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Maxine’s Lucha Name

Former WWE/NXT Diva Karlee Perez, aka Maxine, recently confirmed her name for the Lucha Underground wrestling show on the El Rey network.

Perez sent the following tweet, showing her name will be Catrina on the show. She will be managing Ricky Banderas, who went by Judas Mesias in TNA, as a heel. (The image of the roster page is from the El Rey website, under the Original Shows’ Lucha Underground page.)