TNA Impact Wrestling Results (10/1) – Aries Cashes In Title Shot, Roode Speaks, New Knockouts Champion

TNA Impact Wrestling results

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TNA Impact Wrestling Results

October 1st 2014

Report by Bill Pritchard for

Austin Aries comes out and says he’s cutting right to the point, and he knows who he wants to face for his title shot. He says maybe the fans want to voice their opinion and talks about the possible matchups, then Samoa Joe comes out and says the only guy he will be challenging is him. Joe says he’s a fighting champion, and Aries says he was the longest reigning X Division champion, and the only thing that matters is what you can do in the ring. Aries says they are the two best in-ring talents in the world, and they are going to do this right now. 

X Division Championship

Austin Aries vs Samoa Joe (c)

Joe hits a shoulder block and Aries comes back with an armdrag, then Joe transitions into a headscissors before Aries chops him a few times. Joe elbows him and jabs him a few times in the corner, then he sets up for a Muscle Buster but Aries blocks it and attempts a missile dropkick. Aries hits the mat as Joe sidesteps him, then Aries sidesteps a dropkick by Joe and kicks him in the knees. We get back to see Aries get a near fall before rolling into Last Chancery, then he knees Joe a few times and goes for a Brainbuster. Joe counters with an atomic drop, then Aries knocks him outside and hits a suicide dive. Aries rolls him in and hits a Brainbuster for two, then he goes to lift Joe but gets caught and Joe puts him in a Coquina Clutch and makes him tap out.

Winner – Samoa Joe

Ethan Carter III and Rockstar Spud come to the ring and Ethan asks if they are best friends, then Ethan says Spud is his employee and he has some news. He says the fans aren’t with Spud, and he actually makes him sick, then he makes fun of Spud and talks about his haircut and suits. Ethan tears Spud’s jacket and says he can do this because Spud failed him, and he let Dixie get attacked and he is going to pay like everyone else. He mocks Spud and tries to make him cry, then he slaps him in the face and mocks him as Eric Young comes out to the ring. Ethan tells Eric to leave because it’s not his business, but Eric says he is here for Spud because he’s been pushed around and he was someone’s lackey. He tells Spud he needs to listen to the fans now, because Ethan will keep beating him down until he fights back and hits him. Eric asks Spud what he will do, then Ethan sucker punches Eric and hits him in the corner, then he stomps him and calls for a ref.