Gail Kim Reveals Whether Or Not She Was Comfortable With Dixie Going Through a Table, Talks WWE Divas, TNA Hall of Fame & More

gail kimTNA Knockout Gail Kim recently appeared on the v2 Wrestling podcast hosted by Adam and Gavin. Below are some highlights, and you can check out the entire interview at

On whether she was comfortable seeing Dixie Carter go through a table:

“Oh my God, yes, I felt very comfortable with it. I was so excited. Because, you know, if you wrestle this long, you’ve seen it all – not that you’ve seen it all – but it’s hard to maybe get surprised by something. And that was the first thing in a long time where I was saying, ‘Oh my God, I can’t believe this is happening.’ I think the fans were excited, I think we were all excited. I thought it was a great thing that happened.”

On whether the Knockouts belong in the main event:

“I definitely think so. I think it shows that Impact Wrestling has confidence in their women, and I think that they should because we are just as passionate and we can deliver when the pressure is on. I can’t speak for the fans and I’ve only heard positive reactions in terms of us main eventing the show, but I think we have something different to offer that the other promotion doesn’t offer, and that’s a strong women’s division. I think we have all taken the ball and ran with it.”

On the WWE Divas:

“I don’t get to watch a lot of wrestling because I’m on the road all the time, but I still have friends there. Alicia Fox has always been a really good friend of mine from the day that we started together there, and we kind of catch up every once in a while and I hear what’s going on in that world. To me, I don’t think they’ll ever give the girls the main event. I mean, they have in the past, but I just feel that it hasn’t happened as consistently for years with the way that women’s wrestling is portrayed there. Hey, I want to be wrong, but all I can do is really concentrate on my job and where our women’s division is going. I just want to make this a success and I want to give the fans an opportunity to see the girls on that platform, and I think it’s a great alternative.”

On possibly being inducted into the TNA Hall of Fame:

“I don’t think about those things, I always think about the now. I’m very honored that people even bring up my name. Without Impact Wrestling I wouldn’t have been able to create all those moments, so I just thank them that they gave me the platform to do what I do best. I hope [to be inducted] in the future and we’ll just come to that when the moment happens, if it happens.”

On the audition process for British Bootcamp 2:

“We were there in terms of the first process. The first round is ‘show your personality’ – we kind of get to know each contestant and see what they’ve got. If you can entertain us and show us something, whether it’s presence or charisma, then you can move on to the next round and show us what you have in the ring. Sometimes we would ask them to show us a little bit of physicality in the ring. Certain people are known for their wrestling, so we wanted them to show us a little bit of their strengths. I think we picked the right ones; everybody can see on October 19th when the show premieres. I’ve been told that we picked the right ones, so we’ll just let the viewers decide.”