Chris Jericho On Vince McMahon And Their Relationship, When He Will Come Back To WWE, Kid Rock’s Reaction To A Wrestlemania Moment

chris jerichoChris Jericho is this week’s guest on Turnbuckle Weekly with Chuck Carroll podcast, and Jericho stopped by to promote his new book, The Best In The World… At What I Have No Idea. 

Jericho talked about a number of topics, including the following: 

* His relationship with Vince McMahon

* The “if’s” involved in his coming back to WWE in the future

* How he selects which stories aren’t worthy of making it into the book

* How he convinced editors to put a “bonus track” chapter in the book with extra stories

* How the writing process has become easier with Best In The World

* More on Kid Rock’s bizarre post-WrestleMania experience

Jericho also talked Vince McMahon respecting him, whether he will come back full-time or not, and more. You can read a few excerpts below:

Earning Vince McMahon’s Respect

Once you gain that respect from Vince he expects it and wants that feedback. He’s surrounded by a lot of ‘yes men’ that don’t want to get into debates. When I’m questioning him, it’s never disrespectfully. I never say this is a stupid idea or you’re an idiot or a moron, because that’s not the way you get things done. I will say, “Vince, I think we can do this better” or “what is it you want from this, because I don’t understand it?” Or sometimes, it’s just blatantly “no, this is the way we’re doing it because I’m the boss and you’re not” and you have to accept that and respect that as well.

Returning to WWE After November Run

Over the last four of five years my schedules and dates surround Fozzy, and WWE has kind of been not as much of a priority. I still love doing it, but I realize it’s not something I’m going to be doing forever. I realized that years ago. To go back for the European shows, Roman Reigns got hurt, there was some injuries and I always enjoy working overseas. So, it’s kind of just a quick little run. Other than that I don’t know. When this Fozzy tour ends, whenever that may be, if I have time available and the WWE has something interesting for me to do. It’s not like they’re just sitting around waiting for Chris Jericho to come back. There have been times… I was going to go back for WrestleMania 30, but we couldn’t figure out anything for me to do that was worthy of that.

 Click here to listen to the entire interview, including Jericho talking about some crazy stories included in his new book, potential new ideas for a fourth book, and more.