First Trailer for “Jingle All the Way” Sequel Feat. Santino Marella (Video)

 santino marellaAn official teaser trailer for the WWE Studios produced film “Jingle all the Way 2”, featuring Santino, has been released. It is scheduled for a direct-to-DVD launch in early December 2014.  

The original “Jingle all the Way” has become something of a cult classic in the 18 years since it debuted in theaters. It starred Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sinbad, as they battled it out to find the last remaining Turbo Man action figure for their child, the day before Christmas. It also featured a small cameo from the Big Show, while he was still in WCW. 

In this new film, Santino will be battling with Larry the Cable Guy, as the plot synopsis states, for a toy called the Harrison Bear. 

KILLAM: Seriously, I watched that movie so much as a kid. It was just the right amount of awful, for all the best reasons. It’s exactly what you’d expect from Arnold in a family holiday film. This sequel…is probably going to be terrible (and not in a good way).