MMA Star On Batista’s Fighting Skills, Says He ‘Went Through Hell’, WWE Superstar Trio Hosting Q&A Session Tonight

MMA Star On Batista's Fighting SkillsMMA Star On Batista’s Fighting Skills

UFC Hall of Famer and current Bellator fighter Stephan Bonnar recently talked to Submission Radio, and one topic that came up was former WWE star Dave ‘Batista’ Bautista’s run in mixed martial arts.

Bonnar said the following about Batista

“I mean, Dave had one pro fight and he went through hell,” Bonnar said. “He went through a hell of a training camp for it, and like I’ll say this perfectly, yeah his wrestling and his grappling game is pretty good. Like he’s got a nice, fast double leg, heavy top game, good back control, and really he wrestled in high school, he wrestled all those years so of course that’s the area that ends up the strongest. The striking game, although not bad, is the one that just like anyone else, strengths and weaknesses, but may need a little more work.”

To listen to the complete show, including Bonnar’s thoughts on Tito Ortiz, Bellator competing with UFC, why he came back MMA and more, click here

WWE Superstar Q&A 

WWE Superstars Xavier Woods, Kofi Kingston, and Big E will be hosting a question and answer session tonight, according to the WWE UK Twitter account. For details, including how to participate, you can see the Tweet embedded below: