This Week’s WWE RAW Viewership – Surprising Numbers for Team Cena’s Return to Liverpool, England

WWE RAWThis week’s episode of WWE RAW did 3.93 million viewers. This is down about 3% from last week’s jump back to four million viewers, but considering it was a pre-taped episode from England, WWE is lucky the score wasn’t much lower. 

WWE was in London, England for WWE RAW earlier this year, on May 19th. The show lost over 6% and ended up being one of the least watched episodes of 2014 so far. 

This week’s episode started with a solid 4,018,000 viewers for a lengthy 20-minute talking segment between John Cena and the Authority. The second hour dipped slightly to 3,943,000 and again in the third hour, ending with 3,831,000. Despite RAW losing numbers gradually throughout the night, the show lost less than 5% from start to finish, which is consistent with the last few weeks of programming. 

KILLAM: Almost the entire show was built around John Cena‘s team and the Authority’s team fighting over control of Ryback for Survivor Series. While one show’s score is hardly “proof”, it can’t hurt that RAW actually had a consistent story told step-by-step over three hours, leading to no major drop-off in viewership.