Exclusive: Vince Russo On The Use Of Women In Wrestling, Today’s WWE Divas & More

Caroline Collins leads us into our final segment of the milestone 250th episode of Chair Shot Reality, featuring special guest Vince Russo!

The WWF’s Attitude Era gave viewers an array of memorable moments, some of which involved the breathtaking women on the roster. Viewers watched the evolution of women’s wrestling happening right before their eyes, as beauty versus brawn was replaced with beauty AND brawn.

Justin LaBar and Samantha Daley sit down with Russo, who was an integral part of the dramatic shift in the Women’s division during the WWF’s Attitude Era and beyond.

Russo holds nothing back, as he talks Alundra Blaze/Medusa’s influence, how Sable came to be a worker, and the 9th Wonder of the World, Chyna.

LaBar and Daley question Russo about the state of today’s Divas division, and the differences between the two eras. Has the division evolved further, or has the Divas division fizzled out?

Russo gives his take on the above topics, plus much more, in our special Divas segment of Chair Shot Reality!

Presented by TagMeADate.com and MyFaceOnAFigure.com and is 5:58 in length.