Colt Cabana On NXT Building Through Independents, Talks About Independent Promotions’ Power, What Did He Say About CM Punk’s Absence?

wrestlezoneColt Cabana recently talked to Scott Fishman of the Miami Herald while promoting his appearance at a Ronin Pro Wrestling event, and spoke on a number of topics, including the NXT roster, independent wrestling’s status, and more. You can read a few excerpts below: 

Colt Cabana On NXT

“I like how they presented these guys where it’s now, ‘Hey, Prince Devitt is coming. Kevin Steen is coming in. Hey, Kenta is coming in. Kenta was this in Japan. Now he is going to be moving forward and creating his own legacy in WWE.’ For so long WWE pretended things in the past didn’t happen. I think it is important, and I think now they are at least acknowledging that they have a past and stuff outside of their universe.”

Cabana on independent promotions having power: 

“I think it gets better for independent wrestling because we are coming in as a society where it’s becoming niche oriented. With the internet, the power of the internet, the more it grows for consumers. The directness to a consumer, it’s the best it has ever been, and it’s going to get better.

“Gone are the days in the music industry of buying a giant album from the giant labels. It’s such a direct market now, where it goes right to the consumer. Because of that, it’s the power of the independents right now. It will be interesting to see in five years. Now we can go to the consumer, aka the wresting fan, through the internet, social media and podcasts, YouTube. We are able to find our own audience and people who like us.

Cabana on CM Punk‘s absence / lack of public comments: 

“When Punk wants to talk, he will talk. That’s not for me. I enjoy seeing him being happy right now. So that’s where I’ll leave it. I know he is very happy. Things are going well for him. When he wants to talk, I’m sure he will do it.”

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