First Round of WWE 2K15 Reviews for Next-Gen Consoles, WWE Hypes Larry the Gable Guy as RAW Guest Host (Video)

First Round of WWE 2K15 Reviews

WWE 2K15WWE 2K15 was released on the PS4 and XBox One today, and the first wave of reviews for the next-generation version of the game are starting to roll out. 

IGN, who gave the last-gen version a shockingly low score of 5.9 (on a 10-point scale) awarded the newer release a more respectable 7.0. Reviewer Dave Rudden mentioned that a lot of the “creepy glitches that permeated WWE games on the 360 and PS3” have been fixed, but that the game still suffers from omitted modes like creating a female wrestler, creating arenas, championship belts and custom storylines, and a limited roster. IGN gave last year’s game, WWE 2K14, an overwhelmingly positive 8.7. 

WWE 2K15 currently holds a Metacrtic of 72/100 indicating mixed reviews, but the number is expected to drop as more reviews come in. That’s still better than the last-gen version, which holds a negative score of 50/100 for the XBox 360. 

Larry the Cable Guy Coming to RAW

WWE has posted the following video on YouTube, hyping Larry the Cable Guy coming to Monday Night RAW next week as the special guest host.