More Notable Names Appear on Raw as Rosebuds, Jim Ross Pens Droz FOX Sports Feature, The Rock on “Ballers” Set (Photo)

More Notable Names Appear on Raw as Rosebuds

As we reported last night, former TNA Knockout Taeler Hendrix and former ROH Champion Jimmy Jacobs appeared as Rosebuds on Raw last night.

Other notable names to appear as Rosebuds last night were Scarlett Bordeaux, Heidi Lovelace and Leah Von Dutch.

Jim Ross Pens Droz FOX Sports Feature

Jim Ross has posted an excellent FOX Sports feature on Darren Drozdov’s 1999 accident which left Drozdov paralyzed. Drozdov wrestled in WWE from 1998-99 as Droz, and during a Smackdown match with D-Lo Brown in 1999 he suffered an accident in the ring and was left paralyzed.

During the feature, Droz talks WWE still supporting him, his partial recovery from paralysis, and more. Droz also had the following to say regarding his current feelings towards D-Lo Brown:

“I have no hard feelings toward D’Lo because sh-t happens and everyone who gets involved in athletics, including WWE, knows the risks that exist. It was an accident.”

The Rock on “Ballers” Set (Photo)

The Rock has posted the following photo, featuring him on the set of his new HBO show “Ballers”: