Who Was the Creative Force Behind the NXT R Evolution Special?, Tonight’s WWE NXT Matches, Photo of Roman Reigns & Conan O’Brien

Who Wrote the NXT Takeover R Evolution Special?

According to The Wrestling Observer, the well regarded NXT Takeover R Evolution special was for the most part a two man team. Creatively, the man behind the show was Ryan Ward, with final approval coming from Triple H.

Photo of Roman Reigns and Conan O’Brien

WWE star Roman Reigns appeared on Conan O’Brien’s Twitch team to promote WWE 2k15, and below is a photo of Reigns and the late night talk show host:

Tonight’s WWE NXT Matches

The following matches were taped for tonight’s WWE NXT broadcast on the WWE Network:

-Becky Lynch vs. Bayley

-Bull Dempsey vs. a local wrestler

-Baron Corbin vs. a local wrestler

-The Ascension vs. Enzo Amore and Big Cass

Kevin Owens vs. Adrian Neville